Our Ethos (Environmental Factors)

It’s about the bigger picture, we are only a small entity in a large world.

We're doing our bit to help the bigger picture, but we are only a small entity in a large world.

We are well aware that any process has an effective on the environment. We take our responsibility to reduce the impact of what we do, as best we can. We have a responsibility towards the environment and try to meet these responsibilities throughout our day to day activities. Below are just a few things we do to help the einvoriment;

  • - LED lighting in our workshop facilities.
  • - We don't use air conditioning and only use the most efficient sources of heat.
  • - Recycling of used parts and batteries.
  • - Recycling of used packaging.
  • - Digital management systems reducing the requirement for paper usage.
  • - Old school wooden pencils alongside recycled plastic biros can be found in our pen pots.
  • - Only charging devices to test they're working. We don't leave devices connected overnight.
  • - Where possible we get our technical team to refurbish equipment to save on new, thus prolonging lifespan, and carbon footprint impact.

Like cars, mobile devices can be kept going with servicing and repairs. Most devices are genrally more economical to repair than replace and we have a passion for finding the most economical way to repair your devices. If we come across a working method which can be improved, or a small change, which helps to contribute to our environmental responsibility, we assess and look to implement changes for the better.

Want to do more? Recycle your old mobile device.

In 2019 a study found that there were 40 million unused mobile devices in UK homes. That's nearly 1 for every person in the UK and, that number has and will continue to rise over the coming years. When was the last time you looked in the kitchen draw?

Recycle your old mobile device and you could not only help the environment but you may help yourself as well as we buy used mobile devices.

The key benefits of recycling your old mobile device;

  • - Reduce waste and prevents potentially harmful substances, like antimony, arsenic, copper, cadmium, lead, and zinc, from potentially leaking into the atmosphere from landfill sites.
  • - Recycling of used parts and batteries.
  • - Recycling your old mobile device extends the life of useful components, reducing the need for energy and raw materials to make new phones.
  • - Recycling enables people who could not afford a new phone to buy cheaper, refurbished handsets. Thus giving new life to old technology.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can help recycle your old tech or want to talk to us about devices you have, please contact us either via the contact us page.

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