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Dog walking accidents.

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Dog walking accidents.

Does your dog pull on a lead or dart off when they see another animal?

Well in this poor man’s case, his dog did, and unluckily for him, he had his phone in his hand which didn’t end up having the best outcome. Even with a screen protector and a sturdy phone case on it still wasnt enough to protect his iPhone SE (2nd generation) from the dreaded smashed screen. Although the damage could have been a lot worse, the spider web-like cracks meant he needed a new screen right away.

He called into our Selby store this morning, explained the situation, and left his phone with us there and then for a same-day fix. (Repairs are usually completed the same day, many in 2-3 hours. However, some can take a little longer unfortunately.) A few hours later he popped back in and collected his, what looked like a brand new iPhone, thanks to the team here at HAD-TECH. Even if you believe it to be unfixable just take the time to call in and see if it’s worth getting your device fixed by the best in the business!

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